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Crypton Vocaloid LipSync
Hatsune Miku LipSync by Catlione
Hatsune Miku LipSync by Catlione
Sakine Meiko LipSync by Catlione
Tetsuya Nomura Miku LipSync model by Catlione
AH-Software Vocaloid LipSync
Bplats Vocaloid LipSync
VY1 Mizki LipSync by Catlione
Internet Vocaloid LipSync
PowerFX Vocaloid LipSync
Zero-G Vocaloid LipSync
AVANNA LipSync by Catlione
Other VOCALOID LipSync
Japanese UTAU LipSync
Samuel LipSync model by 0Inuko0
Namine Ritsu Eve - Lipsync Model (+ Speedpaint) by Rinshuu
Mizuki Zuiga by Rinshuu
Kasane Teto chimera LipSync by Catlione
Overseas UTAU LipSync
Izumi Animation by Catlione
Other LipSync
AquesTone LipSync Model Download! by catuethecashew






Welcome to Voca-LipSync!

:star: Voca-LipSync is a group about one Japanese program called LipSync. It is mostly used in VOCALOID and UTAU fandom.
Here we share our related works: LipSync models, animations made with LipSync, tutorials and tips.

:star: Technical information:
LipSync is a free Japanese program, which allows you to create a simple 2D lip sync animation. It can import a .vsq file (VOCALOID2 sequence text) and generate a timeline with frames automaticly. You can add any other images (for example, background), audio files, text or even create any other animation with LipSync. Program has English interface and requires a Japanese language to be installed on your computer.
Basics tutorial:…

:star: Please, read about our rules:
:bulletgreen: You can submit any of your LipSync works (LipSync models, animations and tutorials) to our group.
Please, pay attention and submit your work to the right folder, you will find information about all folders down below.
:bulletgreen: Submit only your work.
:bulletgreen: If you submit a LipSync model, please provide a download link and a demonstration video (these are optional, but appreciated!) in your submission description.
:bulletgreen: If you submit an animation, animation must be made with LipSync. Exception: a demonstration of a lipsync model can be made with other programs (for exampler, Photoshop).
:bulletgreen: Our group is also about sharing knowldege, if you have a question about LipSync, you can leave it in a comment on our group page.
:bulletgreen: Be nice to each other and don't offence other members.
:bulletgreen: No offtopic. Discuss anything, that is not related to LipSync, in private messages, please.

:star: Information about folders:
It is essential to submit your work to the right folder.
Folders, which are fully open for submition:
Japanese UTAU LipSync, Overseas UTAU LipSync, Other LipSync, Animation and Tutorials.

Submitions made to all VOCALOID folders and VOICEROID folder will have to wait for an approval, we need to make sure that you are submiting a vocaloid or voiceroid character to a right folder:
Crypton Vocaloids: MEIKO, KAITO, Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Rin and Len, Megurine Luka. And official derivatives:
Akita Neru, Yowane Haku, Sakine Meiko, Hachune Miku, Tako Luka, Calne Ca, Shiteyan'yo, Rin no Youchuu and Mikudayō.
AH-Software Vocaloids: SF-A2 Miki, Kaai Yuki, Hiyama Kiyoteru, Nekomura Iroha, Yuzuki Yukari and Tohoku Zunko.
Bplats Vocaloids: VY1, VY2, Mew, Tone Rion, Aoki Lapis, Merli, Luo Tianyi, YANHE, ZOLA, Macne Nana, Anon & Kanon, V Flower and Galaco.
Internet Vocaloids: Gackpoid, Megpoid, Lily, Gachapoid, CUL, Kokone and Chika.
PowerFX Vocaloids: Sweet ANN, BIG AL, OLIVER and YOHIOloid.
Other Vocaloids: SeeU, Rana, Utatane Piko, Bruno and Clara, MAIKA, IA, MAYU. Also includes private licensed ONA, Akikoloid-chan, Kobayashi Matcha and Masaoka Azuki, any other non official derivatives and also canceled vocaloids.
Voiceroids: Tsukuyomi Shouta, Tsukuyomi Ai, Yoshida-Kun, Tsurumaki Maki, Kotonoha Akane and Aoi.


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